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But the work on her magnum opus continued, and in May of 2011, nearly thirty years after the project began, is published, it’s clear that van Buren’s years of hard work have paid off in a way that is nothing short of extraordinary....

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He found work readily in the now hectic confines of Hollywood, making three films in 1937, the most significant in terms of credit rating being director Albert S. In the last two years of the thirties he had a crash course in screen character playing, working on almost every conceivable narrative theme, including the French period swashbuckler, ‘If I Were King’, with Ronald Colman and Basil Rathbone and a western ,‘Ride a Crooked Mile’, both 1938. Wellman’s star studded and Oscar nominated desert epic, ‘Beau Geste’ 1939, but still entered the forties at the lower end of an increasingly expansive actors stockpile....

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Violent career criminals; habitual felony offenders and habitual violent felony offenders; three-time violent felony offenders; definitions; procedure; enhanced penalties or mandatory minimum prison terms. Fines for designated crimes and for noncriminal violations shall not exceed: Fines imposed in this subsection shall be deposited by the clerk of the court in the fine and forfeiture fund established pursuant to s. If a defendant is unable to pay a fine, the court may defer payment of the fine to a date certain. This section does not prohibit a plea agreement in the interest of justice when there are codefendants and the prosecuting attorney determines that the information or testimony of the defendant making the agreement is necessary for the conviction of one or more of the other codefendants. This paragraph applies to any such offense except an offense the prosecution of which would have been barred by subsection (2) on or before July 1, 2015. If the sexual predator’s place of residence is a vessel, live-aboard vessel, or houseboat, as defined in chapter 327, the sexual predator shall also provide the hull identification number; the manufacturer’s serial number; the name of the vessel, live-aboard vessel, or houseboat; the registration number; and a description, including color scheme, of the vessel, live-aboard vessel, or houseboat. ...

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