Jariskacis mama qartulad online dating

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Jariskacis mama qartulad online dating

She learned from and collected magazines and 19th century apothecary books and created blends for common family ailments that were effective.But, it wasn’t until her own cancer diagnosis that she started taking natural healing more seriously.Harris doubled down on her studies, changed her diet dramatically and began consuming the herb blends she was creating.After she delivered a healthy daughter, Abbigail, she continued to outlive her prognosis and had three more children.She began studying herbs in the early ’90s while pregnant with her fifth child.Six months into the pregnancy she was diagnosed with lymphoma and told she only had three months to live.

About a year earlier Harris had started studying herbalism, or the use of plants for wellness, because she couldn’t afford health insurance and was tired of “the pretty pink medicine that seemed contrary to nature.” She started studying everything she could get her hands on and experimenting on her friends and family.

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Harris is an unlikely advocate for medical cannabis — she is a conservative mother of nine and member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (often referred to as Mormons).

She considers education about plant medicines and natural healing to be a personal health ministry for her and her family.

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Her dying wish was to deliver a healthy baby before she passed.