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Hall said, I'm never gonna stop, because the thing is, it's like I just watched so many people (working hard).

Being that I'm so close to Taylor, and get to watch how hard she works and how passionate she is about every song that she writes, it's just so inspiring to me.

There was a time last year, which I don't know if i'm supposed to say anything, but she was dating someone who I'd never actually met in person.So, forget Kendall and Gigi, or Demi and Selena, because Todrick Hall and Taylor Swift are legitimately #bestfriendgoals.From constantly looking out for each other and telling one another to GTFO of crappy relationships, to inspiring each other to be the best artists they possibly be, we are now forever going naming their best-friendship "Tay-drick." And the bottom line is this: If your relationship is turning you into Quasimodo, you can do way better for yourself — so stand tall.And, side-note: we're sort of dying to see what Taylor looks like as Quasimodo.Hall, if you're reading this: Please send a copy of this hilarious photo our way; we would greatly appreciate it.

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In fact, Todrick Hall's "Quasimodo" quote about Taylor Swift reveals how unhappy she was in one of her past relationships.

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