Retroraleighs com dating html

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Retroraleighs com dating html

@Red Burn: I mean I was just commenting on how ugly the haibike is. but I also live in Colorado and we have had to work so hard to have the mountain bike access that we do have. we have had trails taken away and what days we can ride limited, and that is just with normal mountain bikes. do you have any experience with the trail access issues near the front range?I guess it's all just opinions and people with a negative response are more likely to speak up.I’m on the Endorphin 27.5 and it absolutely shreds.

A dude in my office designs lamps and sofas, each design takes over a year to do and can cost hundreds of thousands of euros, for a freaking pendant lamp, and you will tell me function ahead of form. Off course but one doesn’t exclude other and doesn’t mean that company doesn’t spend millions on form design of each car so that it looks as desireable as possible. @Extremmist: "it's just beautiful, there's not a single unnecessary line, curve or shape on it."There definitely are some unnecessary lines unless it looks like this true, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder for the most part.

The patents and geo are not too much different..least not enough to a) spend 4-10k b) sell your bike to get a new one c) make you heaps better.

It is pretty crazy to see the blow thousands..practice and run whatcha brung Unless you mean Ferrari's from the 50's and 60's, you're wrong; most Ferrari's (and most contemporary supersports and hypersports) are typical examples of "performance before aesthetics" approach. you may not like modern car design but that is another story...example, this is poor design this is proper design you may like or hate the pagani, but you can see how the first one is made by a wannabe designer and the second from a proper one.

Even after extensive demoing and trying to be pragmatic, my damn subconscious probably picked those two because they're the best looking (to my eye). I don't have an issue with a bike or a component that's not exactly pretty, as long as the design brings a clear and significant advantage (let's say a dropper post), but I don't like designs that are different just for the sake of being different (I highly doubt that that Whyte in the first photo rides even marginally better than an average bike from the same category.

I think there is also a psychological element to this.

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There’s never been a better ambassador for the sport. But Sam Pilgrim is not coming to your hometown and closing down trails, quite the opposite. That’s the only way the bike industry is going to get the message. But I’d be just as pissed off at a guy riding Moto on Mtb only trails.