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Validating radiobutton

The creation of multiple groups of radio buttons for the one form is also straightforward.

All you need to do is to provide the second group of radio buttons with a different name to that used for the first group.

The if/else can be constructed in two different ways using two different operators. To keep from becoming confused by the not operator, just think of it as a shorthand way of saying, "found_it==false".

The first thing that to look at when using radio buttons on our form is how the buttons need to be coded in order for them to function properly as radio buttons.

The desired behavior we want is to have only one button selected at a time; when one button is selected then any previously selected button will be automatically deselected.

In this example, we alert the user to please check a radio button.

If our form was actually wired to a CGI script on the server, or set to some other action, we could also return false to the onsubmit handler to keep the form from submitting as demonstrated in the Stop That Form example.

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That completes the coding of the radio buttons themselves.